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God birthed the heart and vision for Triumph Community Ministries (TCM) in late 2014. After conducting a number of week long student camps in his hometown of Pignon, Haiti, God revealed a need to TCM’s Director, Phenes Magny.  Many decisions were made to follow Christ during those weeks, but once those camps were over and the teams returned to the U.S., the absence of follow-up, discipleship, and ongoing opportunities for growth and encouragement among the students was identified.  His desire is to create a ministry – – a physical place for this on-going discipleship to occur.  God placed TCM and the vision for the Triumph Community Center in his heart, and has been opening doors for its realization ever since!  Some of the blessings we have already received are:

   > Donation of 2 tracts of land & Funds raised to purchase a 3rd tract of land.

    > Donation of a large generator, powerful enough to supply the entire campus with electricity.

    > Funds raised for the purchase of a 2 ministry vehicles.

    > Funds donated for and the completion of a fresh-water well on the property to provide water to the ministry & surrounding community.



TCM desires to see all people come to faith in Christ and thrive in every aspect of their lives.  We hope to provide opportunities for individual growth and growth as a community of neighbors serving neighbors.  The construction of the Triumph Community Center will provide a facility for this to happen!

These opportunities include, but are not limited to discipleship, continuing education classes, conferences, life-skill & talent development, counseling, recreation, worship services, & special events.  The community center can also serve as a refuge in times of crises like we have seen in recent years with the earthquake and hurricanes.

Founded by a Haitian national, and with Haitian staff in leadership roles and responsible for day to day operations, TCM is empowering and providing appropriate and sustainable opportunities to the community.